Nusa Ceningan Island

Nestled neatly between the larger Islands of Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida, Ceningan Island is the perfect staging point to visit both islands, while retaining the exclusive and relaxing tropical feel of all Ceningan Island has to offer.

Taking a walk from The Landing up to the cliff face villas on the west side of Ceningan Island and you will encounter island life virtually untouched by tourism, walking along the flat paved roads of Ceningan Island.   From The Landing to the Village, you will be surrounded by mangroves to one side and coconut groves back-dropped by tropical hills on the other.   It is not unusual to encounter immaculately dressed and smiling school kids on these walks and most of them are only too happy to stop and have a quick chat as they make their way to their quaint & clean school on the village edge.


Walking passed the school, the mangroves open up giving you a glimpse of the Channel, beautiful on high tide with hundreds of boats bobbing up and down in the natural harbour, or conversely, during low tide, the heads of the villagers bobbing up and down in the dry harbour collecting seaweed and the small bounty of shell fish that the ocean has offered up.

Ceningan's most lucrative export is edible & cosmetic grade seaweed, grown in submarine pens along the northwest and northeast coasts, off Nusa Lembongan and in the Channel between Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan.  The seaweed is exported to Hong Kong for processing into agar, a thickening agent used in cooking, and carrageenan used in cosmetics and in condiments, sauces, crackers, and other food products.

Travelling through the village you will notice seaweed drying on the beach and along the roads and encounter the humble but very friendly locals going about their business or just relaxing in the afternoon heat.   Join them on their bamboo platforms - they are always up for a chat, and beware the most challenging part of this walk is just up ahead.

After walking through the main village and past some neat and beautiful homes and temples you will come to a large hill, this will test the most able of walker and it is always a good idea when travelling anywhere on Ceningan Island to have a ready supply of cold water with you.

Travelling up the hill, you will be surrounded on one side by jungle and on the other by small plantations of tapioca, another way the villagers earn income.   Turn right at the top of the hill and follow the winding road down to the Ceningans, the surf break and beach, or turn left on the concrete road up another small hill and find yourself at the Ceningan Cove development.